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Sleep consultant helping people with young families to get the sleep they need because good quality sleep is intrinsic to our wellbeing.  As a child sleep consultant it is my honor to support families to help their babies and toddlers sleep through the night, because being well rested can change everything for the better! As a sleep specialist I will guide you through a tailored sleep plan which I will design around your families needs and even your child’s temperament to ensure we get the best results possible.

About Me


At one time I was just like you, my little girl was ten months old and had NEVER slept through the night. I thought I had tried everything, but those sleep training attempts had little, if no affect. In fact the more I tried the worse things got.  So what was I missing?  A sleep consultant! Deciding to work with a sleep consultant 1:1 was the best decision I ever made and within a week my daughter was sleeping through the night.  It was life changing in so many ways and has ultimately led me to a career as a child sleep consultant myself.


My Approach

Helping people with young families to get the sleep they deserve because, good quality sleep is intrinsic to our health as well as our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. I pride myself on getting to know the families that I work with so I can understand the best approach for your child. I will create a bespoke plan tailored to your child’s exact needs and even their personality. It is important to me, as your sleep consultant, that parents agree with my approach and feel confident that they will be able to follow through consistently.

My Process

My sleep programmes offer gentle but effective solutions that will get your child sleeping through the night, every night. A consistent, guided approach will get you results where other sleep training attempts have failed and leave parents feeling empowered and fully in control.


I have even worked with families who have already emploted a sleep consultant but their methods have not given them the desired results.  My unique layered response technique means your child feels supported whilst they master their new sleep skills.


I’ll hand this section over to the parents I’ve worked with…

“After the first night of using the techniques and advice we had progress, and it wasn’t long before we were sleeping through the night again – absolute game changer”
“In less than a week my daughter was sleeping through and self settling”

1 in 4 children will struggle with their sleep at some point so you are not alone. 94% of these children can be helped using a behavioural intervention alone.  Some children end up being medicated to aid their sleep when a behavioural intervention could have solved their sleep problems. I meet many parents who think they are beyond help and that they have tried everything but just look at those figures 94% of cases can be resolved and I have designed my sleep programmes to support parents throughout the plan to get my families the best results possible.  Working 1:1 with a sleep consultant can be an absolute game changer.

Frequent night wakings from your baby or little one leave parents in a lighter sleep phase and this means the whole family miss out on the deep, restorative sleep that they so badly need to make it through another busy day.  Most families have two working parents and so action needs to be taken to get everyone the sleep they need and quite frankly deserve.

If any of the above is resonating with you, then why not book a free no obligation call to discuss how I can help you to achieve your sleep goals. A full nights sleep really is so much closer than you think.

How Much Sleep?

It is really important that you understand your child’s sleep needs.  One of the biggest causes of sleep problems in babies and young children is overtiredness.  This can happen when your child’s sleep needs haven’t been met.  Overtiredness causes your little one to fuss whilst going down for a sleep, can cause night wakings or split nights and be the reason your little one wakes super early.  To help families to understand their child’s sleep needs I have created a sleep needs chart.  This chart takes you from birth to 6yrs.  Download FOR FREE…

“Our two weeks with Naomi have been game changing! At ten months our son (and us!) was struggling to kick the night feed and multiple wake ups. Having run out of ideas, getting exhausted and anxious about dealing with midnight wake ups and reliant on feeding him back to sleep we reached out to Naomi for help. Everything we thought sleeping training would be…it wasn’t! With Naomi’s help we identified where we could make tweaks to bedtime routine and learnt tactics on how to respond during the night to ensure all of us got back to sleep calmly and quickly. Naomi was on hand every step of the way, always positive, without judgement and full of knowledge to empower us to make the changes. We’re no longer exhausted and have a happy and rested baby we know how to help back to sleep. Thank you so much!”


Owen - 10.5 months

“We went to Naomi as we were really struggling with our two year old son’s sleep pattern and to get him into a suitable routine. We were passed Naomi’s details and we are so pleased and thankful that she was able to help.
After our initial consultation, Naomi devised a personalised plan that suited our situation and more importantly considered our son’s specific sleep issues.
Naomi’s support did not end there though, as she made herself available throughout the process.
In a matter of four or five days we were in such a positive place with our evenings back to spend as a couple with our son sleeping happily. If any parent out there is tearing their hair out at the ordeal of night time, we can’t recommend Naomi and her fantastic methods enough!”

Jax - 2 years


What is Sleep Training?

Sleep training is responding to your childs needs but not their wants.  It is teaching your child to self-settle, which will ultimately give them the ability to sleep through the night.  My techniques are extremely gentle and responsive.  This is not a cry it out method.  It still allows the parent and child to have a good attachment and everyone will get the restorative sleep they need to thrive.


Leaving your baby to cry without responding

Ignoring their needs

Dropping all night feeds

A money making scheme aimed at vulnerable parents

Frequently Asked Questions

What if it doesn't work?

It works! If my sleep programmes are followed through consistently then the sleep training will work. These are proven techniques.

How long will it take?

A behavioural intervention can resolve a baby or young child's sleep challenges in as little as 1-3 nights or it could take 4-6 weeks. Most families see a vast improvement within the first 7-10 days. There are a number of variables that can determine the speed of progress, particularly consistency and we will discuss this during our consultation to ensure you get the best results.

Will my baby cry?

All babies (and young children) cry. It is how they communicate. Anyone offering a no-cry sleep training is suggesting your baby stops communicating! We help you to read the cries and understand what the needs are and we offer suitable responses so you are never ignoring any cries. Responding to your child’s cries in an appropriate way ensures their needs are met throughout the sleep training.

What is your success rate?

100% of the families I work with achieve the results they are looking for when they commit to consistently implementing the strategies taught to them through my sleep programmes.

Do you guarantee results?
I provide a service that consists of information and support. I cannot control how that is used by the customer, therefore I cannot guarantee the customer's results. I can guarantee satisfaction with my assessment and consultation, after which the results are in the customer's hands.

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